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The Editors of the Australian Review of Public Affairs thank its readers, contributors, past editorial team members and other supporters, who have enabled us to offer what we hope has been a topical and thought-provoking look at a broad sweep of the issues of our time.

With considerable regret, we announce that we have not been able to secure the modest funds required to continue, and so can no just click for source offer our unique blend of varikosette Wales, commentary and review. We will maintain the site indefinitely, and varikosette Wales confident that readers will continue to find and appreciate the work of around authors who have written for the Review over the last 16 years.

Looking for a Way Out: Backing Away from Dangerous Climate Change Kate Crowley Mar But this characterisation does not encompass the political-economic features of the varikosette Wales problem that are hampering the policy response: state failure, market failure and the relative influence over decision-making exercised by resource interests, for starters.

Defining climate change as a wicked problem also obscures the extent of failed leadership behind much climate inaction. So what might work? Ben Tipton Feb Extremely contagious and potentially fatal, polio reaped an annual harvest from the late 19th through the middle of the 20th centuries.

Polio has since been almost eradicated by programs of mass vaccination and is now forgotten. Yet the threat of polio persists in two ways.

Meanwhile, in rich countries, complacency, ignorance, suspicion and deliberate misinformation lead worryingly large numbers of parents to refuse to varikosette Wales their children vaccinated, with potentially tragic consequences. Have Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Services failed? A Response to Weatherburn Elise Klein, Michael Jones and Eddie Cubillo.

We argue that Weatherburn understates the role of ATSILS. We make our argument in three parts: first, we assess the Weatherburn thesis as it relates to ATSILS. Third, we explore five counterfactual scenarios varikosette Wales a world without ATSILS, showing the major role ATSILS have regarding the myriad of cross-cultural and socio-economic issues Indigenous people contend with when coming in contact with the justice system. We argue that ATSILS play an important role in varikosette Wales Indigenous over-representation in Australian prisons.

There has been a lot more info breathless commentary about ASEAN lately; researchers and consultants alike have been making big claims about the ASEAN Economic Community surpassing China as the powerhouse of the East.

But does the evidence stack up? Beyond Varikosette Wales Universities and the Varikosette Wales Good Ravinder Sidhu Nov These are challenging times for public universities everywhere. Questions about their organisation, governance, click the following article, relations to society and the content of education they provide, while not new, have assumed a heightened urgency in political and policy circles in Australia and elsewhere.

How are we to understand the purpose of the public university today? The Protest Business Felicity Wade Oct What is varikosette Wales for, and why has so much formerly grassroots organisation and campaigning either become business-like, or failed?

Social change, concerted political opposition and internal organisational problems all play a part. Adam Ferguson — was a leading figure of the Scottish Enlightenment but his fame has long been eclipsed by varikosette Wales of his contemporaries, David Hume and Varikosette Wales Smith.

Attempts to recover Varikosette Wales from obscurity are wise: he was interested in a central question of our varikosette Wales how to prevent large, prosperous and competitive commercial states from degenerating into counter-democratic varikosette Wales. Big Fish from Little Ponds: Solvay, Belgium, Global Markets, and Family Firms Frank B.

Ben Tipton Oct We are accustomed to the idea that single families control a number of our largest firms. In Australia the Murdochs in media, the Lowys in retail varikosette Wales Gina Rinehart and her estranged children in the resources sector occupy us in the business, social, varikosette Wales occasionally the sports sections of our daily news.

Beyond the enjoyment of reading and watching the activities of the extremely rich, family firms also raise serious questions, about entrepreneurship, about firm governance, about varieties of capitalist systems and about the functioning of markets. Tales of Varikosette Wales Hood Part 4 : Social Security and Risk Over varikosette Wales Short and Medium Terms Peter Whiteford Varikosette Wales Varikosette Wales are many intermediate steps in the move from a snapshot varikosette Wales of the distribution of taxation and benefits in Australia and the United Kingdom to a life course perspective.

Taking time into account over the short and medium terms shows us the impact of risks that individuals and their families go here. Many people rise and fall, and when they fall, most people get up again.

Part 4 of an 8-part varikosette Wales. Tales of Robin Hood Part 3 : The Long View — Social Policies and the Life Cycle Peter Whiteford Oct But household and individual circumstances change over time.

Some changes happen as life takes its varikosette Wales for example, children begin life as receivers, but grow up, varikosette Wales school, start work and become net contributors in the tax-transfer system. The life varikosette Wales perspective offers a powerful corrective to many of the myths of the welfare state, both in the United Kingdom and Australia.

Part 3 of an 8-part series. Tales of Robin Hood Part 2 : Are the Poor Too Expensive? Redistribution varikosette Wales the Welfare State Peter Whiteford Sep The welfare states of Australia and the Varikosette Wales Kingdom share much, but not everything, as the first article go here this series comparing the two countries showed.

In this instalment, focus shifts to how taxes, cash benefits and services in-kind, such as health, education and varikosette Wales, redistribute income between richer and poorer households. With case studies of two different kinds of young varikosette Wales and national survey data, a rich and complex picture of the impact of public social spending emerges.

Part 2 of an 8-part series. Tales of Robin Hood Part 1 : Welfare Myths varikosette Wales Realities in the United Kingdom and Australia Peter Whiteford Sep This is not surprising: there are obvious institutional and cultural similarities varikosette Wales the two countries, and policy ideas have evidently been passed back and forth between them. But similar is not the varikosette Wales, and a forensic look at the architecture and outcomes of the Australian and British welfare states is both interesting and revealing.

Part 1 of an 8-part series. Writing Media History Peter Putnis Sep But important insights are lost when historians make the past seem too like the present. Tamed and Untamed Political Emotions Julie Stephens Sep The complex entanglement between reason and emotion is evident in all political debate.

In public discourse the idea that politics is concerned varikosette Wales with the reasoned exchange of dispassionate arguments is maintained by marginalising less rational human feelings and in viewing passions as politically dangerous. Over the last decade, social and cultural theory has challenged the liberal notion that varikosette Wales have no place varikosette Wales the public sphere.

So what place do the varikosette Wales have in politics? People learn to deal with each other in an varikosette Wales fashion, and their differences are not a barrier to engagement and sometimes friendship. In schools where students from different backgrounds are thrown together, their negotiations across cultural difference are a unique opportunity to forge intercultural understanding.

So how are Australian schools doing in fostering varikosette Wales kind of everyday multiculturalism? The Making — and Almost Breaking — of Obamacare Lesley M. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act ACA, colloquially called Obamacare is an historic piece of legislation that improves the health and healthcare of every American.

So what is all the division about, and what general lessons can be drawn from the Obamacare story? Dusting off the Archives Robert Aldrich Aug In the discipline of history, every published article or book, every lecture or conference presentation, has a backstory of how it was researched and written, and in most of these stories, archives play a key role. But the archives that varikosette Wales work in are themselves historical—they evolve and are subject to the whims of nature and the authorities who provide curatorship, funds and buildings for them.

That is as may be: there remains something timeless varikosette Wales the varikosette Wales between the researcher and the primary documents archives hold, the scraps of information that can be pieced together into a satisfying patchwork, the sense of literally reaching out to another time and place, and to the people who lived there. Linking Government Support and What We Value: The Case of Environmentally-Harmful Subsidies Karen Hussey Jul Governments are in the business of promoting desirable economic and social outcomes and undertaking this business sometimes involves financial aid or subsidies.

Subsidies should, of course, be well-designed, such that their benefits exceed their costs. Yet even when they are, problems arise: there are, inevitably, both winners and losers when governments decide which outcomes should be supported and to what extent. Moreover, the tension varikosette Wales short-term economic and political goals and environmental harm plagues this policy field.

Surprising many commentators, morals campaigner and veteran politician the Reverend Fred Nile contested—and was re-elected—to the New South Wales Legislative Council in March Yet society has largely abandoned the values Nile champions and his political activity is now essentially symbolic.

How is his persistence to be understood? Combatting Hate in Cyberspace Katharine Gelber Jun These developments raise questions about whether this medium actually enhances freedom by enabling expression, or facilitates harms in new and more damaging ways.

Certainly, the Internet has become a medium of choice for the dissemination varikosette Wales hate speech, which is viewed by most varikosette Wales around the world as sufficiently harmful varikosette Wales warrant regulation.

But what of other forms of harmful speech online? Asian Business Systems, National Cultures, and the Problem of Gender Frank B. Ben Tipton May Some influential management researchers have worked to understand how firms relate to their surrounding societies. What has gone wrong? Access is free for individual and non-profit educational use.

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